Consult Highly Trained Veterans to Run Your Business Like a High-Performance Machine!

Reliable, Efficient & Affordable Virtual Business Administration Services by Military Veterans.

Consult Highly Trained Veterans to Run Your Business Like a High-Performance Machine!

Reliable, Efficient & Affordable Virtual Business Administration Services by Military Veterans.


What We Do

Executive Leader Information Requirements Policy

Standard Operating Procedures Build-Out

Overcoming Adversity Coaching

Rising Costs and the Pandemic Have Made It Challenging to Maintain a High-Quality Workforce. Seeing Your Business Suffer Due to a Lack of Competent & Affordable Resources Can Be Frustrating!

Your Only Limitation Should Be Your Imagination, Not the Resources!

Our Veterans Will Serve Your Business the Same Way They Served Our Country!
Proven Valor Professionals Will Help You Transform Business Challenges into Rewarding Opportunities!


Consult the Heroes to Work for You!

Veterans are our heroes; they will work for your company as they did for our country.


Multiskilled Professionals

You don’t need to hire a different person for each job; our veterans are multiskilled.

Plug Play

Plug n

Availing our services is that easy! Get resources when you need them and release them when the goal is accomplished.


Conveniently Scale Your Business

Use only the resources you need when you need them makes scaling the business extremely affordable.


Enjoy Long-Term Relationship

Despite being freelance workers, we believe in keeping long-term relationships with our clients.

We Know How Critical It Is for You to Consult the Right People for the Job.
We Have the Best Trained Professionals... They Will Handle the Details So You Can Focus on Growth!


We offer 24/7 client support.


We have 10 years of experience as virtual professionals.


We have served over 599 clients.


We work hard to ensure we pair your company with a well-trained professional.

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See What a Veteran Can Do for You. Bring Us Onboard in 4 Steps!


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Call Us for a Free Consultation

Call us to discuss your requirements.


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Sign the

Review and sign the contract for the required resources.


Step - 3

Get Us

Plug the resources into your organization.


Step - 4

Grow Your

With us taking care of things, you can focus on further growth.

Client Reviews

Jeremy Owens


Jeff is the type of smart driven individual that becomes a force multiplier in any organization. I trusted any project under Jeff's guidance would be completed on time, within budget, and of the highest quality.

Demonta Quailes


Jeffrey is one of the most resourceful and organized people I have met. He has an uncanny ability to get the job done right the first time. A true leader, mentor, coach, and stellar Marine. I have witnessed first hand his ability to build effective teams and encourage innovative thinking. Any company would benefit from having Jeffrey on their management team. I would gladly work with Jeffrey again in any capacity.

Ken Strauss


I served as Jeff's commander while in Somalia and his performance as a leader was exceptional. He displayed an apt ability to influence peers, superiors and members of a joint team consisting of more than twenty organizations with finesse. His forethought and ability to plan and identify risks is second to none. Others continuously sought him out for advice and support. His efforts made a significant contribution that affected operational and strategic levels. I would fight to have him back on my team and recommend him for any future opportunities.

Jonathon Mccormack


Jeff is an intelligent and dedicated Senior Leader on our team who fully understands the intricacies and scope of Operations and Project Management. A natural leader with a passion for learning, he is exactly the type of person I would want to hire in the civilian sector to keep my business moving upward and onward. Jeff is detail oriented and results driven and his nearly twenty years of military service have sharpened his professional edge. He simply produces amazing results, every time.


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Frequently Asked Questions

A. Once we receive your request for services, we will set up a call with you to discuss your needs to enhance your business. For example, suppose you are looking for an executive assistant to clear your daily schedule. In that case, we will identify this need and pair you with a military veteran who not only meets these standards but excels. Once we pair one of our veterans with your team, that veteran will give you their company email and contact info to start taking on deliverables and accomplishing tasks. Additionally, our company maintains contact with your team, offering more services like business templates, email contact with executive leadership, motivational seminars, and network strategies for your company. Our overall goal is for your company to enhance and build so you can hire more veterans in the long run.
A. No, we are not here to force businesses into getting better. We will ask for a 30-day window to get out of the contract so we can place veterans with other companies while your company finishes out their 30-day opt-out request.
A. Absolutely! Let us do the recruiting for you at no additional cost. If you are looking for a Chief Revenue Officer to freelance with your company, we will find a veteran who fits that role perfectly and talk through the contract with your team. We have veterans for any position within your company while also having veteran C-Suite executives through various companies on staff.

Lack of Good Resources Holding Your Business Back? Consult a Goal-Oriented, Highly Trained & Organized Veteran to Help Reach Your Goals! That Knock On Your Door Is Success – Let it In!